Your Partner for Motion Control

Siemens Simotion and Sinamics

Softeca has several years of experience with products from the Siemens Simotion and Sinamics range as well as the Simotion Scout programming platform.

We develop projects from 1 to 64 axes for power ratings from 0.37kW to 250kW.

Simotion Range

We are able to implement complex motion control systems with electronic cams, trajectory calculations, synchronization and desynchronization of axes.

In addition to the realization of new projects, we offer troubleshooting and improvement of existing projects.

The programming languages used in Simotion Scout are ST (Structure Text), MCC (Motion Control Chart).

Below is an example of a hardware configuration with the Simotion D425 control unit used to control a cold rolling mill with real-time control and correction of the tape tension.

D425 Hardware Exemple

Example of hardware configuration with the Simotion D410-2 control unit to control a slitting shear with two asynchronous motors and a synchronous motor.

This machine is used to cut metal strips. The regulation of strip loops between each unit is automatic.

D410 + CU Hardware Exemple

Another example of hardware configuration with Simotion D410-2 control units.

Rotary assembly machine with 9 servo presses controlled by intelligent controllers, the axes are independent of each other.

Multi-Servo-Presses Hardware Exemple

Trace analysis to determine the origin of a problem is part of our expertise, Below is an example of a trace to analyze the forces measured during a cycle on a positioning axis.

Trace Exemple

Other Technologies

We are able to manage a lot of differents drive from the simplest to the more complex.

- Software development with S7 Technology to establish relationships between various axes (virtual or not) for complex trajectories.

Sinusoidal Movement S7 Technology

- Integration of algorithms (Traveling Salesman) for optimizing the trajectory of a Cartesian system.

Optimzed Algorithm

- System unwinding / winding with motor, loop control for the linear velocity and the tape tension.

- Control for DC motor up to 200 kW (for retrofit installation)

- Master / slave relationship between various drives (speed relationship between various machine drums)

- Development of control positionning PCB for special applications or large series.