Due to its electric control for servo press coupled with its programming platform
ecaMotion , SOFTECA SA is the ideal partner.

Kit provided by SOFTECA

The kit we propose to you is composed as follows:

  • Siemens motor adapted to your needs. Possibility to mount another motor of your choice.

  • Siemens Drive and control unit.

  • Software MecaMotion, for the programming and the configuration of the press according to the needs for the application .

  • Power cable and cables coder.

Functional Diagram with PLC from Siemens, Schneider Eletric, Beckhoff, B&R or other Codesys PLC

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Programmation of the press

Programmation of the press

Simple and intuitive programming, by MecaMotion.

Program the cycle of your choice, using a palette of functions offered by our platform.

  • Positioning
  • All the basic arithmetic operations (+, -, *, /, ...)
  • Waiting Time
  • Different types of jump
  • Measuring signals
  • Recording strength-position
  • ...

You are able to declare up to 254 user variables of each type (LREAL, BOOL, INT,...)

Control the press via a PLC

As part of an automation project, the press can be controlled with a PLC by PROFINET's link,PROFIBUS or ETHERNET.

By this connection, it is possible to control the press:

  • Jog Mode
  • Selection of the part program to be executed
  • Starter the cycle
  • ...

This connection is also used to select the recipe of the part you need to produce. Through this channel, the press can also return you down results.
For this, the MecaMotion platform, gives you the possibility to affect your different user variables directly to inputs/outputs of bus.
Alarms are also forwarded to the PLC in this way.

Using this dialogue via the bus, it is possible to control several presses on the same network.

Multiple Presses Diagram with PLC from Siemens, Schneider Eletric, Beckhoff, B&R or other Codesys PLCs

Process Control

Envelope Programming

The monitoring of the process is performed using an envelope that you set according to your criteria and the Force/Position curve you choose in the database aggregating your various tests.

Runtime process monitoring

  • Setting the envelope by maximum 8 windows
  • 3 types of reactions in case of alarms:
    - Continue
    - Stop
    - Stop and go back


Using the servo press without PLC control.
Only a personal computer and the kit supplied by Softeca are necessary.

Standalone Mode

Management of production orders

Management of production orders

Management of production orders with traceability in a database. A production order may have a number of operations.

Application Areas

Joining Bending
Joining with
blind hole
Cutting Measuring
Riveting Clipping
Punching Rigidity
Spring Testing
Tensile Test Pressing

Documents to download

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