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Saving and loading a project

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Saving and loading a project in the press

When you load a project into the press, MecaMotion software performs the following tasks:

Compile and validate programs and envelopes to send them to the press

Load part programs and envelopes

Load variable association

Load press parameters

If before loading the project into the press, the project has not been saved, the programs, envelopes, parameters and variable association will not be saved in the press flash memory.

To load the project in the press, in the menu bar, select "Project > Load" or click on the "Load" button located in the general toolbar (see figure 1).

Charger un projet english

Figure 1: Load button

When a change is made to the project, the save icon will be automatically be enabled. As soon as the save has been performed, this same icon will be disabled (it becomes greyed out).

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Figure 2: Save icon