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Declaration of user variables

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Declaration of user variables

A user variable is, as its name suggests, a variable created by the user. The user variables can then be used in the various part-programs or linked to physical or PROFINET inputs/outputs.

All created variables are global to the entire platform. This means that each variable can be used in any part-program.

There are 6 variable formats, these formats are described below:



Coded on ... [bits]

Min and Max value

Floating point number type LONG


64 [bits] floating

-1.797_693_134_862_315_8E+308 to



+2.225_073_858_507_201_4E-308 to


Floating point number


32 [bits] floating

3.402_823_466E+38 to -1.175_494_351E-38,


+1.175_494_351E-38 to +3.402_823_466E+38

Double integer


32 [bits]

-2147483648 to 2147483647



16 [bits]

-32769 to 32767



1 [bit]

0 or 1



32 [bits]

-2147483648 to 2147483647

The value contained in a Time variable represents a time in [ms].


If a TIME variable contains the value 75, when passing from this variable to the press in a part-program, the press will understand 75[ms].

There are 15 other variable formats, these formats are specific to some instructions.

There are also tables of 20 variables of type REAL, LREAL and DINT used by the instruction "Recording values in a table".

Declaration of a variable

To declare a variable, in the project tree of the MecaMotion, double-click on the "Variables" tab. The window of figure 1 opens.

DeclarationVariables english

Figure 1: Variable declaration window

It is in this window that the different variables used in part-programs are declared.

To declare a variable:

The first thing to do is to fill in the name of the variable, it is by this name that the variable will be called in the different part programs.

When you have entered the name of the variable, you must choose the variable format by opening the "Types" drop-down menu.

As soon as the variable format is defined, the "N°" and "Address" fields will be automatically filled in.

DeclarationVariablesChoix english

Figure 2: Declaration of a variable

Each variable can be declared as retain, this allows the value of the variable to be kept in memory when the press is switched off.

VarRemanent english

Figure 3: Declaration a retain variable