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Visualization of program progress and variable values

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Visualization of program progress and variable values

When you execute a part-program, you can view its progress and view the status of user variables.

To activate the visualization of programs and variables you must select the "monitor lunettes" button (circled in red in figure 1).

Visualization of the progress of a program

When the "monitor lunettes" button is active, the press you are viewing and the program currently running are highlighted in light green in the project tree structure.

Visualisation 2 english

Figure 1: Enable visualization

To ensure that the instruction that is being executed is always displayed in the foreground, you must select the "follow executed instructions suivre instructions" button in addition to the "monitor lunettes" button. (figure 2)

Visualisation avancement programme english

Figure 2: Visualization of the instruction is being executed

Viewing the value of user variables

When the visualization is active, you can see the status of a user variable by clicking in the "Value" field of the variable. (figure 3)

Visualisation variables english

Figure 3: Viewing user variables