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Part program instructions

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Part program instructions

List of instructions

attente Wait delay

on-off Boolean On/OFF (Setting a Boolean variable to 0 or 1)

saut étiquette Conditional/unconditional jump

math Arithmetic operations (Addition, Subtraction, Division, Multiplication)

affectation Assignment

pos Positioning

signal max Max signal detection

signal min Min signal detection

mesure signal Signal measurement

arrêt sur signal Stop on signal

courbe Curve recording

mesure force Post-process force measurement

arrêt sur force Stop on force with velocity regulation

point arrêt Breakpoint

chrono Stopwatch

enregistrement valeurs Values recording in an array

capteur force Force sensor management

butée Clamping

annuler butée Stop clamping

mesure position Position measurement

régulation force Force regulator

To be able to use the instructions below, you must add a program and in it make a "right-click" and then "Insert function". You can also find all the functions in the general toolbar.

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Figure 1: Adding an instruction