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With its electric servo press control coupled to its programming platform MecaMotion, SOFTECA SA is the ideal partner.
Servo Press with MecaMotion.

We offer the following solutions:

  • A standalone assembling station (workstation)
  • A single servo press integrable into a machine.

The servo presses are available in a force range of 3kN to 300kN.

Complete Servo Press
Documents to download
Download PDF
Workstation 30kN
Servo Presses "Compact Line"
Force [kN]Stroke [mm]Speed [mm/s]Data Sheet
3100200Download PDF
20100..400150Download PDF
Servo Press
Servo Presses "Integrated"
Force [kN]Stroke [mm]Speed [mm/s]GuideData Sheet
7.5152290YesDownload PDF
7.5152290NoDownload PDF
Servo Press
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