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Since 1987 the primary activities of Softeca SA are the development, the manufacturing, the distribution and the installation of components and systems, including the service to the customers, in the fields of automation and industrial assembly.

We develop mainly using qualitative objectives, which ensures a reasonable growth.


We want to be excellent in listening and identifying the needs expressed by our customers, in order to meet their needs with professionalism and reactivity.

Thanks to quality, punctuality and flexibility, we want to develop with our customers solutions which are characterized by a high added value in their activity.

Softeca SA has for mission to contribute directly to the success of his customers by offering the best solutions of the market in automation.

The satisfaction of our customers particularly holds us with heart. We make every effort to create with them a reliable link.


We give each of our employees a lot of responsibility and we allow them to develop new skills. We demand a high degree of autonomy from each and we promote teamwork.

Our success is based on the qualification and motivation of our employees, who assume their responsibilities in order to carry out a constructive work in conformity with what is asked of them.

Among us, we practice an open and collegial relationship.

All employees contribute to the success of the company.


Achieving our business objectives is accomplished through partnerships and collaboration with suppliers and subcontractors that fully meet our quality and deadline requirements.


Technology is a path of trial. It is this one that Softeca SA has chosen, and it is with perseverance, ambition and assurance that we are going through it. In all times, it is with determination that we move forward.


We are attentive to ensuring the best possible protection of our environment as well as the preservation of natural resources.


We are on fire, driven by the conviction that nothing is impossible. We do not hesitate to give ourselves fully so that the projects we imagine become reality. It is with enthusiasm and pride that we are shaping our future.