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Explanation on the use of "Controls"

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Explanation on the use of "Controls"

There are 7 different control instructions, which are listed below:

1.Max signal detection

2.Min signal detection

3.Signal measurement

4.Stop on signal

5.Curve recording (Force/Position)

6.Stop on force with velocity regulation

7.Position measurement

8.Post-process force measurement

All these instructions are used in conjunction with the positioning instruction.

In a program, the first 7 control instructions must be placed before a positioning because the control is performed in the following positioning. (see example figure 1 below)

In the example in figure 1, the "maximum signal" control will only be active for positioning 1. At the end of this first positioning, the control is automatically deactivated.

If you want to detect a "maximum signal" in the second positioning, you must add a second "Max Signal" control before positioning 2.

Programmation d'un contrôle 2 english

Figure 1: Programming a control

For the 8th instruction ("Post-process force measurement"), this control must be placed after the positioning instruction. In addition, the positioning for which this control will work must be preceded by a registration control, see figure 2 below.

In the example in figure 2, controls 1 and 2 refer to positioning 1. Neither of these two controls is active during positioning 2.

Programmation contrôle post mesure 2 english

Figure 2: Programming the "Post-process force measurement" control